Thursday, May 01, 2008

Exercise and Trigger Point Release

I have been recently been paying closer attention to clients that come to see me with what they describe as "a little sore and tight" from an intense workout that might have been anywhere from one to three days prior to their visit. What I mean is that I've been gauging how much of a difference I can make on their range-of-motion and pain scale by releasing those particular muscles. Basically, overuse of a muscle can initiate a trigger point so why should a person suffer aches and limited range of motion while the muscle heals from the workout? I've only been able to work on a handful of people falling into the above category but what I've noticed so far is really interesting. I have been able to improve range-of-motion dramatically and therefore reduce pain felt when the range-of-motion has been limited to an "over-tightness" of a muscle or groups of muscles. Of course my observation set has also been small, mostly covering upper arms and lower legs. Hopefully I can get my hands on more athletes/bodybuilders to apply the Trigger Point techniques to and get more of an idea on the benefits to them and anyone else who decides to start an exercise program.

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